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The Painted Atlas

Every single country is included as defined by the United Nations, including other locations as well– such as states, regions, and territories! There are vast amounts of beautiful lands that are not independent countries and I can’t wait to complete their illustrations, and bring these pictures to life.

Thank you for your interest! After 15 months of research and carefully picking geographical locations and other content and imagery to cover, all locations have been chosen already. I hope you enjoy them!

Select prints of content for The Painted Atlas will be available on my shop on Society6, so check back on that!

Regarding originals, the originals of the work I am producing for The Painted Atlas are not for sale at this time. 

No, and here is the reason why. Between the good and bad on the earth (and there is an abundance of both), The Painted Atlas will focus exclusively on the good. The world is rife with serious problems, including past and present conflicts affecting the lives of millions of people. There is so much that divides us, and when I wanted to begin The Painted Atlas, one of the reasons was to have a project that could bring people together. My goal with The Painted Atlas is to paint something for every country. Geography is informed by both physical nature, and human history and migration. The basis of the project is geographical in scope, and the focus is beauty. The core themes here are architecture, nature, culture, and design. 

I will NOT be explicitly portraying and addressing the following conditions or events in my artwork for The Painted Atlas: genocide, war, hunger, occupation, human rights violations, invasions, territorial disputes, corruption, ethnic cleansing, and unrest.

For places that have been mired in conflict, I’d like to focus on the other aspects which we don’t see often in the news, or hear about through stereotypes. There is good and bad everywhere. I want the images in my project to reflect peace and my wish for prosperity for all people. If I explicitly portray or detail injustice in one location, frankly I will have to point it out everywhere, and the project will be derailed from its original mission. Other platforms are better suited for these necessary discussions. 

There will be ZERO ads as I’ve chosen all the imagery in this collection myself. In the event that an image might be part of a collaboration in the future, it will be noted.

A whole lot of research– 15 months worth. I have not visited most of the countries I’m highlighting here, and so this is my way of going. I’ve tried to use perspective from past trips to consider multiple facets for each place– especially trips I took to places that had negative stereotypes attached to them.

For more on the background of this project, check out the original article I submitted to Vocal Media’s Members Only Challenge, Armchair Traveling to Every Country Through Art. You can also check out the following feature on Vocal Media, the Creator Spotlight for the project. 

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To celebrate The Painted Atlas and support it, I’ve planned free monthly articles I’ll publish on Vocal Media that will serve as supplemental, additional content that can be shared. They are not members-only articles, and won’t be focused on every country the way The Painted Atlas is. 

Vocal Media is where I first submitted my idea for The Painted Atlas, to one of their Challenges, which is like a contest. If you’d like a similar opportunity to enter a Challenge, check them out. They offer new Challenges all the time, each with different themes and prizes, sometimes with guest judges. Some Challenges are for fiction content, others for non-fiction. Even if you don’t enter the Challenges, you can publish articles about almost any topic and earn from reads, tips, and various bonuses. It’s a great place to practice your writing, and content creation in general. I joined in 2021. Writing on Vocal is free, but Challenges are open only to Vocal Plus members, with monthly or yearly plans available.  Joining at this link supports me at no extra cost to you.

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