The Painted Atlas celebrates beauty in every corner of the world. Armchair travel the world through art, and see paintings for every country. Tour a dazzling, comprehensive array of global locations through art— straight to your inbox every week, for $5 a month. JOIN to see when your country is next!


The Painted Atlas

The Painted Atlas is a project by artist and illustrator Denise Elnajjar, where she will be painting images for each and every country around the world. 

If you enjoy art and travel content, or if you are interested in seeing geography-focused work in a new way, you’ll enjoy The Painted Atlas. If you’d like to visit each country in the world, but life gets in the way – join The Painted Atlas! The collection will unfold each week, and you’ll be notified via email for that midweek escape. 

A portion of subscription proceeds will be donated towards efforts to remove plastic from our oceans. For more information check out our membership options.