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Mālō te maʻuli! Welcome this week to the territory of Wallis and Futuna, in the South Pacific Ocean. This Polynesian country has a local government and three kings (or chiefdoms), and is an overseas collectivity of France. There are three main islands in two groups: the Wallis Islands (Uvea) and Hoorn Islands (Futuna). Wallis and Futuna was settled at least 3,000 years ago! Let’s check out a few images below.

WallisandFutuna1 leParadis
Grab some lunch at local restaurants such as Le Paradis.
WallisandFutuna2 fale inUvea
Many homes in Wallis and Futuna are traditional and have thatched roofs, such as this fale in the chiefdom of Uvea.
WallisandFutuna3 rYouyou
Restaurant Youyou.
WallisandFutuna4 lakeLalolalo
Lake Lalolalo is an amazingly round crater lake.
WallisandFutuna5 MalaEfoOu
Design Details (exterior and interior), St. Joseph, Mala’efo’ou.
WallisandFutuna6 MataUtu
The cathedral in Matâ’Utu is the burial site of kings of Wallis. It faces the waterfront on a simple main street in the capital city.
WallisandFutuna7 drivingaround
Driving around!
WallisandFutuna8 TepaSacreCoeur
External detail, Eglise du Sacré-Coeur, Tepa.
WallisandFutuna9 TamanaFutuna
Architectural detail, Chapel of Tamana on Futuna.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of The Painted Atlas! See you next week in a new location.

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